The world of business today is largely defined by the ability to stay ahead of the curve in every competitive industry across different industries from manufacturing to Logistics, retails to supply chain churning huge numbers of products. The ability to do this seamlessly is pivotal to success.

With Asset and Inventory Management System (AIMS) the systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, and disposing of assets becomes very cost-effective. All of these are simplified with our easy to use simple interface that makes you access information quickly and easily knowing what you have and who has it with the use of ultra high frequency tags.

Our applications are built to a "Best Practices" standard, but on an architecture that can be customized quickly and affordably. You can incorporate your policies, procedures and unique data elements right into the software.

  • Standard and robust, yet customizable.
  • Real time tracking of all asset stock and consumable items
  • Ensures end-to-end asset lifecycle management from origin to obsolescence.
  • And track asset purchase orders, vendors, maintenance histories, and lifetime costs.