P ROFILER is a risk assessment platform that helps financial Institutions identify organizational risks, evaluate their impact and implement strategies to mitigate their impact. This solution is geared at acquiring the most profitable customer while minimizing risk

Profiler is In-built with standard measures that classifies Risk categories for different customers based on Political Exposure that could be related with Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. This System runs a continuous customer screening and due diligence reporting, from onboarding through the entire lifecycle providing risk ratings.

Profiler provides a variety of assessment tools to measure and predict consumer risk as well as an array of reports and search services that let you monitor the financial integrity of customers.

Features are:

  • Administrative Dashboard for Quick feeds and Analysis.
  • Reporting dashboard to visually tracks, analyzes and displays key indicators meeting the specific needs.
  • Initial and Continuous Risk Rating: There is a continuous rating generated based on Other Activities aside Account such as Investment Portfolio.
  • Weekly Analysis on Account: Accounts are evaluated on a regular basis to keep track of financial status